Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, where you feel like you just can’t get anything of significance accomplished? We’ve been there – and compiled our four takeaways on how to push through the long periods of unproductive times and check things off your list. It’s important to remember that we are human – there are going to be days when we do not feel motivated or energized; this is completely normal. Make sure you allow yourself a break when needed and prioritize those activities that make you feel joyful and at peace.

Tip #1: Make a priority list (not just a list, but a zoomed-in version of your list)

When it comes to your daily life, it can feel like a lot to manage when you “zoom” out and look at the work project, sports/activities, doctor’s appointments, social outings, family events, etc. Our first tip is to make a priority list and “zoom in” on the high-priority, must-get-to projects within a specific time frame. By making a priority list that only has those projects you must accomplish within the next day/week/month, you are setting yourself up to first work through those items before anything else on your traditional to-do list. And, writing things down has been proven to enhance memory and brain activity. It may seem time-consuming, but this is a tried and true method our team relies on to ensure we are meeting deadlines and focusing on those high-attention projects before the regular to-do list items.

Tip #2: Set deadlines (even arbitrary ones!)

Set a hard deadline for yourself for those high-priority tasks – even if it doesn’t necessarily need to be done by that time, it will help you trick your brain into thinking it does. For example, let’s say you need to finish packing for a trip that you leave for the next day. Instead of “the next day” being the deadline, tell yourself you have to be done packing by 6 pm. That way, you are giving yourself a hard deadline to work toward instead of letting yourself leave it until the last minute.

Tip #3: Tell someone the project you are working on

This may seem strange, but telling someone else what you want to get accomplished holds you accountable for finishing that project. Ask a friend, family member, or partner to ask you how that project is going periodically – this will make you accountable to give them a status update and make progress toward that project. Even if it is something as simple as organizing your room – having someone to check in with will help you get the task done quicker.

Tip #4: Set reminders and alarms on your phone to check the progress

This is our personal favorite way to stay accountable to deadlines we set for high-priority projects. Setting a reminder for these key milestones or deadlines on your phone that then alerts you is the best way to stay on task. We always have our phones handy, so might as well put them to use for us! Even if the project is simply organizing your closet, set incremental reminders for yourself like “organize shoes” or “hang up dresses” and watch how much more on track you will be.

As always, don’t be too hard on yourself! As humans, it is completely normal for us to feel disengaged or unmotivated at times. These tips are ony meant to kickstart you when you are stuck in longer periods of unproductive ruts.

Have more tips and tricks to get through that productivity rut? Send them to us and we will add to this list! Email us at www.empoweringgirlsforlife.com.

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